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Hi All... Last AWOL Hubby Box!! Aaaahh!


Registered Member
Tonite at 5:00PDT I will list the final AwOL Hubby Box...Please stop in and see it! I would love to hear from all of you..and post your creative questions :) This is my last but I will be doing some other neat stuff soon :) The name on the auction will be:
AWOL Hubby Box Part 6 Beautiful wedding Gifts.
Really hope to see you all there :) It's been a real hoot! :lol:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi . I thought the last five were verry funny. Good for you. I wish you luck on #6. I'll be watching.
Till next time......................... :warp:


Registered Member
Thanks Nightsurfer! And its UP!! Last chance to bid on my hubby boxes! hahhahaa! Come by and see me... GAWD IM A SHAMELESS BEGGAR! I've been getting lots of people asking me to promote there auctions... pretty cool. But I mean lots! One guy says he was told by someone else to "go ask 1_ares_1, she Promotes our listings"... ??? that was wierd. :eek:oh:


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Franko said:
So, what was in the other boxes? :)

OMG! I'll tell ya but you can't tell anybody else...shshh! come real close so I can whisper in your ear...

:D NOT! hahaha! :D