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New Member
Hey I'm new and I'm a big fan of the Saw movies. I came here to advertise my Saw forum aswell as become a vital member of this forum so hey.:)


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Hey there. Welcome to General Forum. Advertising is against the rules here and will get you banned, but we still hope you'll stick around and become a quality member.


Registered Member
Welcome! But yeah, no ads. But there's lots of cool things to talk about soooo... C U in the threads!


Sally Twit

The original Saw was fantastic. Not quite sure what to make of the rest. I enjoyed the gore but not the story so much.


I'm serious
Welcome Game Over. I am a big fan of the Saw movies as well, but I am afraid you won't get your advertising done here, like the others have mentioned. We always welcome new members though so I hope you do stay. We can always have Saw discussions in the Movies forum here at GF. I'd be intrested in that! :)