Hi, i've just registered and was wondering where everybody was from? Seems to me like it's mostly the US :) Anyway i hope you're all well :)


Sally Twit
Welcome to GF! Where in the UK are you from?

If you take a look at the stats page it tells you how many people are from which countries.


Creeping On You
I'm canadian. One of the mere five of us. Can't have too many of us, or our combined awesomeness would break the internet.


Sultan of Swat
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I would be the other cool Canadian member here at GF. Were always looking for new members that can give different views and opinions on certain subjects. So hopefully you decided to stick around.

If you have any questions don't be shy to ask.


I'm serious
Hi RyanLee and welcome to GF.
I am South African myself, one of only three on here, as far as I know.
But everyone here knows I have a very soft spot for the British members, except for Bliss. My feelings towards her is stone cold!!


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Hey mate!

I'm actually from Australia, not sure how many others of us are floating around.

Smelnick *fist bump* didn't know you were part of the old commonwealth!

Anyway, Tell us more about yourself.


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I am also Canadian if that makes you feel any better :) We're pretty international and even if we're missing someone from your country that'll never change unless someone joins eventually =P

Welcome! What are your interest/hobbies?


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Welcome to GF, I'm from New Zealand myself, the only active one :( At least you'll have other Brits to support you :p Hope you enjoy your stay here