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Hey everyone. Just a little note to say hello. Chaos this site rocks so far. Hope it can handle meeeeeeeee. lol I'll try to keep outta trouble. :p So anyone have any suggestions or things I need to know about the site??? Cu around.
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Wow! Chaos as recruited another member, just 260 more and you'll reach my mark, just kidding buddy. Welcome to the forums Venom, I've seen a few of your post around here, hopefully you stick around here at GF. Also trust me I think we can handle you and Puck :D


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Ty for the welcome Babe Ruth. Actually I've been here a couple of days now but just got around to doing this post. lol As for whether you all can handle us... we will see. lol


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Welcome to the mad house. We have a 'special' room for Chaos' recruits, so just sit over there and you should receive your electric shock therapy in just a few moments.

No, but seriously. Welcome to the forums. I've seen a few of your posts and you seem like you'll fit in just fine. (After the shock therapy of course ;))


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Don't listen to Impact, she herself got the electric shock therapy.

Welcome to the forum, bro.


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Ty for the welcomes Nixola, Impact and Twitch. I'm sure they will be nice to me in the shock therapy room. ;) So I'm not worried. lol Will see you soon.


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Imp, you know my room's the best. You're just jealous. ;)

Ven! I totally didn't see this till now. How're you fitting in?

Here's my official welcome. Brace yourself, it's pretty badass...



Bah! Shock therapy is such a medieval method.
Aroma therapy is the lastest craze, you get to choose from pure oxygen and pizza.

Welcome to GF!