Hello everyone, I'm new here obviously, thought I'd introduce myself.=]

My name's Jake, I'm going on seventeen years of age. I really dig music, as well as books, politics, movies, internets, etc. I'm currently on break from school, and I've been busy lately working shifts at White Castle...serving America with great food and a smile since 1921. It blows. Anyway, I'm on another forum that is politically based and 'Michael Jordan' asked me to join this one so I did.

So, if you want to know anything else just holla.


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hey jake welcome to fc
come post in the tunes whenever ya like!
and ther eis a music request thread somewhere on the site to! XD
hope ya like it here


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Seems like we have another strapping, straight talking fellow here. Refreshing! (I'm 17 by the way). See in you in Mature Discussion.

Just thinking about those tender little White Castle burgers...makes me want to burn this motherfucker down!

What were you on? PoFo? P-X?



Thanks for the welcomes everybody.

I'm on Political Crossfire.

lol, I also wouldn't mind burning WC down.=P They keep fucking up my checks too, I'm supposed to use this Skylight card but it won't verify my SSN or my zip so I can't use it. Frustrates me greatly.


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Welcome! I can tell already that you are going to like it here at FC. ^^


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Welcome to the forums my friend, I am very glad you've decided to join, hopefully you're going to make a big contribution to Fusion Central, so far it seems that you're going to be active which is great. I am sure you'll like these forums a whole lot if you give them a chance. Enjoy yourself and i'll see ya around.