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  1. ryanwolfe09

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    Hello. I'm Ryan and I'm 15. I've been collecting autographs for awhile but I've been doing it daily for almost a year. I enjoy playing the drums. I am in 10th grade and live in Western NY.

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Welcome to the forums I am very glad you've decided to join fusion central, hopefully you'll make a big contribution to my forums. If you give them a chance, I am sure you'll like them a whole lot. Hopefully I'll see ya around here often, because I believe you a chance to improve the baseball section. LAter.
  3. oxyMORON

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    welcome ryan. Who are you collecting autographs from?
  4. Vidic15

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    Welcome to Fusion-Central, Ryan.

    Good to have you here mate. Well. At least have fun and enjoy yourself. See ya around

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