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What's up?

I just joined this morning and thought I would send out a big hello. I'm a middle aged dude, father of three, married 20 years. I live for the sport of baseball, as I spend most of my recreational time either on or near a baseball diamond. I look forward to shooting the breeze with you about this, that, and the other thing!


Hey, I think that makes you one of the few (if not the only) guy of your age around here... Probably get some interesting perspectives from you if you if you come out of the sports forum.

Welcome, and hope to see you around.

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Just so I can get my bearings here, would you care to give me an idea of the prevalent age group of the members frequenting this site? Not that I mind sharing with a younger crowd. On the contrary I think it will be a great experience for me. I have three sons. Two are teenagers and one is 12. I wouldn't say that I'm completely detached from their age group, but I'm sure I can gain perspective on where they're coming from at times by interfacing with people closer to their ages. I would also imagine that this will work both ways, as I will be able to provide the perspective of someone a little older to the group.

I'm 19... I think the general age is around 18-20 probably, with people trailing off to older and younger. Of course, theres also plenty of people who I have no idea about, so yeah... Really just a guess.


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Welcome to the forums I am very glad you have decided to join, hopefully you'll become an active member here at these forums, and don't forget to check out the sports section.