Hi! I'm Pitman. I enjoy anime and manga, video games, TV, and music. My favorite anime and manga include: Yu YU Hakusho, Dragonball/Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shaman King, One Piece, Lupin III, and InuYasha. I mostly just play the Elder Scrolls series and am currently playing on Obliviion. On TV, I watch anime, or course, and comedy, like South Park and Family Guy (The BEST [non-anime] Show EVER!!!). And I listen to classic rock like Jimi Hendrix and AD/DC.


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Welcome back Pitman, I remember you from the first Central Fusion I am glad that I convinced you to come back. Anyways hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here and become an active poster.
See this is a good intro thread. It actually has something about the person. You get a +1 karma for that alone. Remind me to give you another +1 karma for the Hendrix.

Hendrix fans unite! :)

Welcome man, hope you enjoy your stay!
I agree, it actually doesn't leave me saying "so wait... this is the same guy who's already posted like 40 other intro threads right?" +1 karma from me as well.