Hey everyone,

Well the name is Bryan, I'm 19 and I found this forum through a friend (of sorts). Anyway, I'm not new to forums, been a member/mod/admin of forums since 1999. So yeah it's been awhile haha. I've got a lot of interests, really anything from gaming to sports. I'm your typical college teenager, I actually like discussing politics and philosophy, I play college baseball. My favorite band is Incubus followed closely by Kill Hannah and APC. As you can tell I like a lot of different music, and really haven't found much music I don't like. I'd like to think I'm nice...who knows..

I'm new, so you must love me, or something. No but this place looks cool, people look cool, and its got poker. :-o

Haha hey everyone ^_^


I pwn noobs
Yeha i just joined the other day from a diff. forum and this one is really cool. The people hjere are really cool. They are helpfull with everything. Its a pretty laid back site. Oh and the poker is a great feature. Its alot of fun tho not too many people have been playing. Well hope you have fun on the site
Thanks, it looks like I'll have a blast, and be around for a bit. As soon as I get enough chips, I'll be in there teachin' y'all how to play poker ;) Thanks for the intro.


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Hey, just thought I'd officially say hi, as I'm playing poker with you right now. You seem to be doing fine. Good luck.