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Hey, Who's that studmuffin that just joined the forum?


Registered Member
Hey there forum.

Just signed up. A friend of mine told me she participated here and I should check it out, so here I am.

I like lots of things, like talking to people, and sharing ideas.

I play guitar, I have 2 cats, play Xbox360, ummm and work. A lot.

I like to discuss current events, politics, spirituality, philosophy, etc, but I'm also really down to earth, like to have fun and talk about nonsense too. Also, sometimes I can crack jokes about a lot of things people may consider too serious or taboo to joke about. If I offend you, let me know and I'd be happy to talk it out.

I try to treat everyone with respect and kindness and ask that you do the same.

If anyone wants to ask me anything, ask away.


Haters gonna hate.

You remind me of me when I first joined. We are exactly the same... well at least close together. I have all the same interests and came to the board with the exact same mindset.

I think I just found a new best friend! lol.

Stick around and I may reward you with something.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome! Who would be your friend that told you about GF? Where are you joining us from?

We have a lot of great members here, unfortunately we just lost one(she got killed), so people are very emotional right now.

Enjoy yourself, and I'll see you around.


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Can I have a crab rangoon?
You can have some pie.

Welcome :)


Haters gonna hate.
Actually, I do have a question, where are you from? Are you a fellow American or from somewhere else?


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Ok, answering in order they are received.

KSpice - is it a rocket ship? I like rocket ships. Glad to know other people are here I can get along with.

Babe Ruth - Starfire86 told me about it. We met on a different message board but...well....got bored with it honestly and too much petty drama. I'm sorry to hear about your community's loss. My heart goes out to you.

Starfire - No you already know I ate them all. Clean up the blueberry juice on the counter. I've missed talking to you =)

Spice comment #2 - From America. Around Pittsburgh, PA (Go Pens, Go Stillers, and well......the Pirates get an A for effort.....)
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Fine, I'll get my OWN crab rangoon! Theeeeennnn we'll see who's eating them all, huh? HUH?!?!


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Welcome welcome! You said this:

, sometimes I can crack jokes about a lot of things people may consider too serious or taboo to joke about
and I just had to say HI. I hope you do it more than I do and I won't look so bad.

Jump on into some discussions. Let's see what you got.


Registered Member
Hi and welcome! :D Big ups on music, video games, hate petty drama, and on mutual respect 4 sure. Is it snowing in PA? Do you like snow? What musical genres do you like/play?
I'd ask about philosophy/spirituality/politics but I won't since I know almost nothing about them. Btw, you sound like you'll fit in great here! :nod:


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'm disappointed there's no picture of the studmuffin in this thread.

Welcome to GF! I hope you enjoy the forums.