Hey there!


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Hi everyone I'm new to this! Just looking to find some new friends and chat with some people. :D


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hey. I play a lot of PS3, (cod4 or 6) if anyone wants to add me it cheezywotsit. i also do karate and badminton, as well as playing the bass. music-wise I like metal and hard rock: Disturbed, System of a Down, Bullet for My Valentine, A7x, Drowning Pool...you get the picture :p


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Welcome to the forums any friends of chaos are definitely no friends on mine. Just kidding, glad to have you here and hopefully you become a great member like your neighbour.

See ya around.
Hmm, it's odd because I saw you online the other day (yesterday even, perhaps?) and I thought I recognised your username as a member who joined last year maybe but never posted that much. So I went to check out your page but I didn't have 'access' to it, apparently. Now I can, so I'm confused.

I'm watchin' you, boy. :detective:

Anyway, haha, welcome to GF!