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Hey Swiftstrike!


The Hierophant
Just wondering what part of this comment deserved my infract.

"Old trolling techniques are both failed and overused. If you want the threads to stop, stop feeding the into it. It's really not that hard to understand. He'll get bored and stop quicker.

And even if it is just the sith whores doing it, then whatever. They're probably going to go blow a heafty load all over eachothers faces. Enjoy your faggotree, retards."

Was it because I called the sith whores?
Was it because I insinuated that the sith are all a bunch of cock sucking homosexuals that enjoy bukkake-ing eachother?
Or was it because I ended it by calling you retards?

At any rate. I thought that Subtalk was the part of the internet "where you can post useless things and get useless replies when you don't know what to do with your useless time." And with that, I thought that everything in subtalk would be disregarded as humorous. Nothing of importance comes out of Subtalk and we all know that.

Yours truly,



Registered Member
Take some time to cool off.




Registered Member
Sub-Talk means that there's no such thing as off topic, and you can post goofy things. It doesn't mean you have permission to start flame wars.


Son of Liberty
Cons.... Hiei.... ?

these things happen in three's... whos next?


#2 New Zealander
I can totally imagine Swift Bnning/Infracting someone for making an Anti-Sith comment. Same with Vegito