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Hey Steg!


I'm serious
*fights territorial bitchiness*

Isn't he just? :nod:

I'm watching you


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So much estrogen in here.


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Woah,....woah.......WOOAAHH.....this all just came out of nowhere and I am not used to it. :lol:
Ums. Thank you! And...you're all cool.
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don't lie, sideburns, you know you love it.
LOL. It's a good thing I'm not on cam--I'm horribly transparent. Even when someone gives me a little rub on the back in total and complete jest, I still blush :lol:. And after the past three weeks, yes...that was really nice...

P.S. Sideburns are gone as of last Autumn. A female friend of mine was trying to fix me up with a friend of hers for a friendly date, but said beforehand, "Have...you...thought about trimming those?" I inquired as to why. She goes, "Um...she doesn't like facial hair...sideburns included." I was very "attached" to them and I was resistant to change my personal image for someone--especially someone I'd never met :lol:.

She ended up flaking on me, but my female friend was trying to cheer me up and apologize by saying, "But look! I helped you discover that you have high cheekbones!" LOL


Sally Twit
Your friend should have given you head to make up for all of that. Getting rid of those bad boys must have been awful.