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Hey Single guys - Take one for the team -


New Member
They are either really crazy and not good at covering their tracks ( I hope the winner lives) or mastermind supergenius movie makers! A blair witch type movie would be very cool.


Registered Member
oojipoo said:
If you look very far into what he has bought in the past, it's Really Scary! Guns, rope, knives, saws, movie making equipment, costumes, a horror movie about a remote cabin and killing friends who have turned into zombies, a magnum sign, magnum boots (magnum models?) call me crazy but this looks scary.
now that is really scary... I certainly would be


Registered Member
Spence said:
wow-I'm thinking they are going to film some sort of movie with the winner. Perhaps a Blair Witch Project type movie. The 'lucky' winner will have no clue that he would be staring in a movie. MAybe not, but that would be cool.
I live in Pigeon Forge, next town to Gatlinburg, and I will keep a close eye on the news and the papers. The past purchases of the auctioner scares me a little. :lol:


Registered Member
OK who is going to be our tester for this auction and try to win it? We need to find out the details.................ohhhhh Andrew.............. :lol: