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hey now


New Member
Chip here,

I own a small grass-roots skateboard brand here in Columbus Ohio called As iF! Skates. I've got a flow team of good local skaters, & I'm selling about 50 boards a month right now. It's not enough to pay the bills, but I'm home when the kids get off the bus & I'm one hell of a trophy husband for my lovely wife. :lol: When the weather is bad, I do a little free-lance writing & some graphic design work as well.


New Member
Hey awesome! Good to have you here.

Care to post some pictures of your skateboard brand boards? Would be cool to check them out. :)
Sure, as soon as I get to 15 posts! :rolleyes: LOL, I understand why bulletin boards have rules like that - gotta keep the spammers out.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya and welcome to the forum. :cool:

I would love to see what you have..I'm always on the look out for another sweet ride.
Can't wait to see the pics and price list too..Hey do you sell parts?