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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AngelsPeak, May 4, 2005.

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    Just wanted to say; "have a great time at Disney"!!! :D My family and I went in November and had the best time. If I ever go back it will be about the same time, there were hardly any lines and we were not bumping into someone at every turn. I just have one request if you make it to Epcot...I really, really wanted some of the fish & chips from the....hmmm....think it was England booth but never made it over there. Now every time I eat fish I think of what I must have missed out on. If you make it that way...(it's right by the bright red telephone booths) eat some fish and chips for me and let me know how it was!!!

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    LOL Will do and thanks for the great time wishes! My hubby and I use to live there (well not AT Disney :) I actually worked for Universal :::Gasp...the other place!::: in their travel dept) in the mid 90's so we go to see friends as often as we can manage it. With the arrival of my daughter my hubby asked what I wanted my first Mothers Day. I said "to spend it at Disney". So began a tradition. This will be her 6th time there! I went the first time in 1974 with Mom/Dad and my sister when there was nothing but Magic Kingdom and I think 2 Disney hotels were it. (my one and only time at Christmas/New Years and would never do it now)! So you see why in another post I was a Disney chat host once upon a time. Now we don't go so much for the parks and stuff but to meet friends (of courst AT the parks though :)) Usually end up on the Boardwalk til the wee hours of the morning at least one night.

    It's been awhile since I had the fish/chips (BTW it's cod) but we always try to catch "The Beatles" in that area so we'll make the stop. Usually spend Mothers Day at EPCOT cuz we all meet later that night for Illuminations after everyone else does their own Mothers Day thing.

    Yes! November from after Thanksgiving until Christmas week and also Jan/Feb after New Years rush are very good times to go! Before kid that is when we use to go.....ok she went once during that time :D

    Again thanks for the wishes! Little nervous....first time the little goober is flying without her carseat (renting her one when we get there) so this could be an interesting flight! (plus we leave at some un-Godly hour like 6 am)
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    I do miss the carseat. Everytime we're on a plane the girls make about 15 trips to the bathroom. By the time we land they are on a 1st name basis with all the passengers in the back rows! :lol:

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