Hey, my name's Mathew. :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by AttackTheSource, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. AttackTheSource

    AttackTheSource Registered Member

    I'm 15, I'm from Australia :).

    I play drums, I love music. And I also LOVE to blog and vlog. I have a youtube vlog, not very popular, but oh well, I enjoy it.

    Music is my life :)

    I also dabble in writing and graphics. Im in university, doing a bachelor of arts, majoring in English.

    Probably one of the laziest 'smart guys' you'll ever meet.

    Just a little bit about me :)

  2. idisrsly

    idisrsly I'm serious V.I.P. Lifetime

    Hi Mathew and welcome to GF. We have a lot of lazy smart guys here, so I bet you will feel right at home with us.

    Question : is 15 the age you start uni in Aus, or are you just a genius?
  3. EllyDicious

    EllyDicious made of AMBIGUITY V.I.P. Lifetime

    15 years old at University???
    You mean 25 maybe?

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. RJ-Cool

    RJ-Cool "Expect the unexpected"

    Hey Matthew! What's up? Welcome to GF! Be yourself, post, post and post and you'll be alright.
  5. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    Hey Mathew. Never known anybody to spell their name like that. Welcome to GF!

    I like to watch vlogs sometimes. What's your username on youtube?
  6. AttackTheSource

    AttackTheSource Registered Member

    Yea, my name is spelled with One t haha. Crazy, I know :p.

    15 is not the usual age to begin uni in Australia, it's around 18/19. I was accelerated through school.

    And to Miss Rebeccaaa, my username is AttackTheSource1 haha. :). I don't have many vids, but I'mma be uploading more.
  7. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    Wow! I saw '15' and was like 'oh geez, magnum 2.0 (you'll know soon enough =P)' but then the rest of your post made my jaw drop haha. Most well written 15 year old on the internet I think. We're pretty lucky to have you. I look forward to seeing your posts in the mature discussion forum, I'm sure you'll have a lot of insight.

    I also must add, music is my life as well =P Well, at least its my biggest passion anyhow. Never gonna make a career out of it, but it's definitely my major hobby. I play acoustic guitar. If you stick around, you'll probably stumble upon samples here and there on the forum lol.

    Anywho, I'm glad you decided to join our forum, and I look forward to getting to know you. Welcome!
  8. AttackTheSource

    AttackTheSource Registered Member

    Haha oh wow, thanks. I feel so loved. You guys are so friendly. :].

    I do debate occasionally, so I'll be sure to check out those sections haha x]
  9. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    Go cause a lot of trouble whilst you're there, it's the section Smel moderates. :D

    Also, there is a random apostrophe at the end of your intro. I'm naming it squidual.
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  10. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    What kind of music are you into?

    I'm into acoustic. Melodic/power/doom/celtic/european/etc etc metal as well. Basically anything that sounds like it took an ounce of talent to write/perform. So I don't listen to much gangster rap, or mainstream pop music, although some have been known to pique my interest. Also I enjoy classical music sometimes, depends on my patience at the time lol.

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