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Hey lovelys!


Registered Member
Hello, my name is Mary, urm obviously I'm new here! I'm 18 and live in Australia :)

anything else yous like to know, feel free to ask :)
nice to meet yous :D


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Yay, another Australian! :D Hello and welcome! Well, I guess I should whisper since it's tomorrow and 3 am there. What are your fav topics? Do you like music? Do you like astronomy? Do you like building snow monsters?


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Hello Mary and :welcome: to GF, we do hope you enjoy your stay!


Babeasaurus Sex
Hi Mary,

Welcome...you're not by anychance also known as mary-lou are you?


Have a great time here!


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Wow, another Aussie. Welcome and I hope you enjoy. I think I heard on the news Australia is fixing to be hit with a huge cyclone, I hope you are safe!


anything else yous like to know, feel free to ask :)
How do you know we're lovelys and not beetchees?
I suggest you change the title of your thread.

see you around.


Registered Member
Hey Maryyy, and I don't see how your name Mary is obvious. I honestly thought your name was Ethel until you said, and now I feel like a complete unperceptive moron.

Ha. Nonetheless. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Give it a while to get over the bloody irritating moderation procedures and I'm sure you'll find this place to be a blast.

And to introduce my idiotic self, I will say I'm a bit of a dodgy hypothetical person on here, so I'm going to ask five random as piss hypothetical questions. That you may answer if you wish. -- And one normal question too - at the end.

Hypothetical stuff:
1) You have a dinner party, but all your guests are animals. You have three guests. What animals are they?
2) You find a bomb in your dustbin. It has a timer on it reading 1 hour, 4 minutes and 22 seconds - What do you do?
3) A man named Gregory tells you that your name 'Mary' or 'Ethel'? Is a silly name. What do you say in reply?
4) You are randomly made as an extra in a new Saw film. What role do you hope you are given? (Assuming you know about the Saw franchise, which I personally think is shite)
5)You have to go to another country to live for some reason, it has to be on the South American continent. Which country do you hope to end up in? and more specifically, which city/town?

And a normal question{s}:
Where in Australia do you live.
And do you see Kangaroos regularly? Do they come into cities? I like them, a nice creature. If I got to see them on a regular basis in the UK I think the general sight of them would feel really uplifting. they're amazing creatures, and pretty cute. Although I find it weird how cartoons have portrayed them as boxers. Do they really beat people up?

Anyway, that's my long response to welcome you. And I do.

I hope you enjoy your time here. And if you avoid me from now on, I totally understand. All the best - HalfEatenSurprise (HES, Halfie, or whatever everyone else calls me :D)