hey lauren


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so at work today this Kiwi came in wearing a Harley Davidson shirt from NZ.

He had a slight accent, so I asked if he was from NZ and he said yes. His friend said, "no, he's from a test tube in nz"

Then I asked how his day was and I called him sir. He said that he is not a sir and gave me a long look. I gave an awkward laugh and was thinking he was actually a she.

Then he said, "The queen hasn't knighted me."


So I called him Mr.



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lol cool story. I never have Americans come into my work. I have creepy Japenese people who reek of fish come in just off the fishing boats.

Anyway...i'm confused. Was there something I was meant to answer? lol


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Lol he just sounds like a typical old school kiwi guy. They crack jokes that aren't funny to pretty young girls.