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Hey Hybrix!


The Hierophant

Hmm, I guess I can't post pictures.
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Registered Member
I never could post a picture in a thread either which is why I just added it to my album cuz then it would post lol


The Hierophant
Maybe it's just because it was the first post?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Actually you put an html page in an image tag. You should have right clicked the image to put the image URL in the tag. ;)

But nice, I already commented on it in your album. I like how you even added the reflections.

Your internet must have been down for a while. :lol:


The Hierophant

Oh well, it's fixed now anyway.

Yea, I was just a touch bored without my internet fix. It occupied about a half hour of my time, though.



Sally Twit
That's pretty cool. Now make them in all the colours!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5


The Hierophant
That's pretty cool. Now make them in all the colours!

That'd be pretty fun. But I don't have any colors to play with.

Tucker, you can't prove ANYTHING!


yellow 4!
i like it hiei :D

p.s i just wrote your name 'heie' then i was like WAIT that does NOT look right wtf.
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