hey hey hey.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DattKiddMark, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. DattKiddMark

    DattKiddMark New Member


    what's up peoples?
    yeah, as you can see i'm new lol.
    i found this forum on google.

    i'm likeing how it looks.
    i think ill stick around.

    so yeah, sup?

  2. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    Fat Albert is on our forum! :D

    Na, welcome to the forum and we're all glad to see you here.
  3. DattKiddMark

    DattKiddMark New Member

    for a second i was like.. "fat albert NO WAY" lol

    and thanks =).
  4. Barbara

    Barbara Ess Tii Eph Yu V.I.P. Lifetime

    Welcome to the forum and do stick around. make meaningful posts. Have fun.
  5. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Welcome to the forums, very glad you've chose this place over other message boards. I'm sure if you stick around your going to have a blast, so please do.

    See you around.
  6. goodncheep

    goodncheep New Member

    Hey, I 'm new too.

    Good Morning Vietnam!!! a favorite robin williams movie

    Wake me up before you Go go! a song that frequently gets stuck in my head

    Supa (super) a word i like to say alot.
  7. Nixola

    Nixola Boom Boom Pow!


    im new here too, just joined tonight, and i like it :p
  8. Vegito728

    Vegito728 Registered Member

    Welcome to GF. Stay active and I'll see you around.
  9. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Run, Mark. Run while you can. These people are soul vampires who'll suck you drier than barbecued sand. They keep me in a sewer pipe and beat me if I don't post at least five times a day. RUN!
  10. Vidic15

    Vidic15 No Custom Title Exists V.I.P. Lifetime

    Welcome to General Forum mate, stick around.
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