hey hey hey.


what's up peoples?
yeah, as you can see i'm new lol.
i found this forum on google.

i'm likeing how it looks.
i think ill stick around.

so yeah, sup?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums, very glad you've chose this place over other message boards. I'm sure if you stick around your going to have a blast, so please do.

See you around.
Hey, I 'm new too.

Good Morning Vietnam!!! a favorite robin williams movie

Wake me up before you Go go! a song that frequently gets stuck in my head

Supa (super) a word i like to say alot.


Lion Rampant
Run, Mark. Run while you can. These people are soul vampires who'll suck you drier than barbecued sand. They keep me in a sewer pipe and beat me if I don't post at least five times a day. RUN!