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Hey guys


Registered Member
Hi all I'm Nick, I'm 17 years old from Victoria Australia.

This is the first time that I've ever used a forum but i know Crouton and she said that this was an awesome place to start.

I love Music, Film/TV and Video games. I also do archery.




Welcome to GF Nick! Glad you decided to join. You will love our games and music sections. You should consider joining our movie-review club to.

So happy you joined. Be nice to him guys (I'm looking at you Bubbles :p)


rainbow 11!
Let me give you a small piece of advice while you enjoy your stay here...

Always keep a condom on hand. Other than that, have fun ;] But stay away from Impact and Bubbles. I hear they are both suffering from a mad case of the herp, the sluts.

I hope you enjoy your stay! What system do you play? I will slap you if you say PS3. :)


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Hi Nick, can we see your picture, er, avatar? :lol:

Welcome to GF! I hope you enjoy this place as much as Crouton does...so far. :)



Registered Member
Hey, Nick, welcome! Crouton is superfantawesome, and I look forward to getting to know one of her friends!

Best wishes on settling in comfortably and enjoying the wonder that is GF :)


Registered Member
Thanks everyone, I didn't expect such a warm welcome.

Iris i play on PC although I am considering buying a PS3. :)


Registered Member
Yay! Another member from Australia! =D If you like Crouton then i just know you like animals too! Oh and welcome!
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