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Hey guys


Registered Member
What's going on guys. My names VJ and as of today i'm going to be a regular at this forum. If i were to describe my life in one word, it'd be sports. Im a sports freak. I eat, sleep, breath, sports. Without sports, i'd be no where in life. When it comes to sports, im an all rounder. I follow all the sports so you can find me wheeling around the different sport forums and giving my 2 cents here and there. Though my way of analyzing sports news can be one of an analysts. I like to look at both aspects of the deal and see who wins and who doesn't. i like to generalize the hype around a signing and how it may affect a player or team. i dig through contracts to see if any other players signed for the same amount. And i also like to read articles from numerous sources for that one transaction to see what everyone thinks. But anywayz, i'm glad to be apart of this. And hopefully some of us can become good friends. See you soon guys


The return shall be legenday!
Your introduction message as gotten me even more excited to have you here. Welcome buddy! We're a bit new, not even 2 months old yet but we're heading in the right direction...especially when you value quality in discussions and debates. Looking forward in discussing and debating sports with you very soon. Cheers


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome, YoungBlitz

You seem like a die hard sports fan like myself and other members here at Sports-Discussions. It's just what we need around here.

I'll be looking forward to have some great debates and discussions with you all around this place.



Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, Blitz! It sounds like you're an awesome fit to the forum - if you love sports, this is the place to be.


rainbow 11!
Welcome! make yourself at home!
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