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Hey Guys!


Registered Member
Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam Rock. (@arock1234) I want to thank Dickey's Flow for the invite, as I have never really been apart of something like this before. I consider myself a huge sports fan, seeing that the only sport I don't follow is soccer. Growing up around the Toronto area I would say that "my teams" would be the Toronto organizations but enjoy each sport enough to pay attention to other happenings around each league. Ever since I joined twitter a little over 2? years ago I have really enjoyed the interaction with other fans. Hopefully this carries over to this forum!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome, chum. I'm glad that dickey' flow was able to convince you to join. We're new to the interwebs, but I have a feeling we'll be making a name for ourselves very soon. Can't wait to start interacting with you.


The return shall be legenday!
Thanks so much for joining. I ain't one to brown nose but if there's one guys who knows more than I do when I come to sports it's probably you. I'm hoping you can find some time to posts. Enjoy your time here. Cheers
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