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Hey guys!


Registered Member
First time using GF, I kinda got lost slightly.


I'm serious
Welcome to the abyss, Jim. Sorry to say, there's no getting out now.

Where are you from? What were you looking for when you got lost and stumbled upon the best forum ever?

Hope to see you around.


It's not me, it's you.
Hi Jim, welcome to the forum. Tell us a bit about yourself.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Hi Jim and welcome to the forum. What are some of your interests?

If you get lost I will send out a patrol to find you. If you have any questions feel free to ask?


Well-Known Member
My very own referral. I am so proud. :)

Welcome to GF Jim! Obviously you like it here just fine. :lol:


Registered Member
Welcome to the forum Jim, hope that you don't see your school grades start to suffer because you end up spending too much time and energy here! Heh!


Registered Member
So far, GF is awesome. But no, my grades won't suffer haha, I wouldn't allow myself to do that. I have worked to hard to get mostly A's but some B's. And who says you refered dDave? I found this forum myself.
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