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hey guys.. i'm new :P


New Member
so... can some one give me the low down about this site :p

i'm 13 (year 8) in Australia :D
:eek:mg: << i think this smiley has issues... :p hahaha



Sally Twit
It's a forum with a variety of topics, ranging from music to wrestling.
There's something for everyone here.



Hey Shumz good to see another Aussie.

Where abouts in Australia are you?
Also what are some of your interests?


Creeping On You
Sup Shmuz! I love australians, they're lots of fun. I hope you decide to stick around. 13 is the youngest we have so far. One tip, don't be too annoying. We eat little annoying children.


Registered Member
Hi. Im 13 too but not in Australia, lol. =D Just start posting everywhere cuz theres tons of threads about everything!


Registered Member
Hey Shumz.
Welcome here.Nice to see you.
I hope you enjoy your time here.
Is this your real name?
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