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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TGirl, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. TGirl

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    Wazzzzzzuuuuupppp DAWGSssssssss

    I love you...you love me....we're a little family ...oops is that how it goes...??? Ok I am not a Barney fan...hmmm although I could do a stuffed mystery Barney...hehehehe

    Ok everyone starts these ridiculous threads...what is wrong...Full moon??? Bored with everyone already??? What happened??? Did it all start with the Cherry auction??? I really want to say STOP IT and act your ages...but who am I to say this to you all when I have done my part...but this fighting in virtual land is sad....
    soooo I am a big yahoo fan for years...get sucked into chat rooms....fall in love (friends) with all these people that make me laugh everyday..even have met about two hundred or so people from on-line...I don't know why I get sucked in...but i do...but about every few months or so when things are good something happens...and to tell you the truth...OMG this kinda drama does not even exsist in real life...at least I ain't never been around this kinda tension except on-line....
    COME ON...The Admin's and Mod try real hard to make this a great place to come and talk about what we all were doing...buying and selling...AUCTIONS...and we have turned this into a BS center.... why????

    And as much as I really like you ...some more than others....ya gotta stop it...I mean what is this?? Why ya gotta question the rules...like I tell my kids...its my rule and I am the boss and this is what you are going to do if you live in MY house....so this is not your house although we all make it a home...ya gotta follow the rules and stop questioning it...JUST DO IT!!!! or ya all are grounded for a week...no questions will be answered and their is no discussion about it......Last few days I have sit here in confusion over why and what you all are fighten about...and sorry guys its not even worth it....its not worth your heart (wink) I think some of ya just want to fight are to board wicha selves.....

    So what I want to say is this...I really like you guys and I want to start seeing posts that are fun and make me feel needed...ya remember??? The Advise threads???? The Watch my auction threads????
    I don't like seeing the ANDREW THREADS AND THE MOD THREADS..stop questioning why and what their motives are...just suck it up and do it....ya'all gunna make me send ya some diapers in your box...you know that dontcha????

    well anyway thats my peice...and ya know what if ya can't do it then I say Andrew and the mods should shut this sight down for a few days..cool you all off.....before you all get yourself booted for good!!

    ok I am out
    but I will be back....

  2. helpisontheway

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  3. fairyquadmother

    fairyquadmother Registered Member

    Ya know, it doesn't really matter what sort of place it is, once you hit a certain number of people in the group, someone is going to rub someone else the wrong way. The bigger the group, the more they bellyache about a few ppl. It's called *diversity* people. Live with it.

    Yeah, we should probably be tame on the language, (which can easily be put in check, and should be), but on the other hand, I don't think that reading and posting bits of people's PM's is appropriate.... even if they are pissing off the mods.

    I can see this place going downhill super fast, if there's going to be a heavy hand and a big deal made out of "stuff". It takes no more than a "Now kids lets settle down, this is a family place." Drama makes things die.

    Been there done that.... got the t-shirt. Been doing the online "community" thing for 8 years now. Same story EVERY time.
  4. Nanner

    Nanner Registered Member

    Can I hear an AMEN to all of the above!!!!!!!!!?

    We could go by the rules in the room I use to host "If Mickey wouldn't say it then you shouldn't either" :lol: Try living with THAT one :D This is easy stuff here.

    ......oh but the IMs we had....... :D
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  5. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    Ohhhh at the tears running down my face trina you have a way with words that just makes my day and night when you are on here ,And i truley mean that from the bottom of this old mans heart and i agree with what you are saying .So if i need to go stand in the corner and Well ya know just tell me and i will

    luvs ya just gotta
  6. Julie

    Julie Registered Member

    Okay here's the Barney song:

    I Love You, You Love Me, We're A Happy Family
    With A Great Big (Hug) & A *Kiss* From Me To You, Won't You Say You Love Me Too

    Okay, that's enough nursery rhymes.

    After the activities on here of the past day and a half...I reminded myself of how I came to this site in the first place and would like to share this with the rest of you.

    My hubby & I like to frequent the ebay pulse page just to see some of the different, weird, & creative auctions. Well one night when we were looking at the pulse page after some dinner, we saw the Mystery Auction for Mina's son. We sat together and looked at the entire auction, read the story of little Quillan. When we were finished, I told my hubby that I wanted to contact the seller to see if they would like another mystery box added to that auction. After submitting a question to the seller (Jen), I received a response with an invitation to check out this site.

    Being a mother myself, I will always give to auctions I see on ebay where the purpose is to benefit a child. So that factor right there got my attention on this auction. But what drew me in even more, was that this was a group of sellers all uniting to raise money for this one child. I was awestruck. I remember that wonderful warm-fuzzy feeling I got when I read that it was a group of sellers all from one website doing this. I only knew that I too wanted to donate a box. When I received the email back from Jen inviting me to this site, I happily typed it into my browser.

    I remember how anxious & excited I was to start meeting everyone on here. I quickly posted my welcome thread & before I knew it...POOF...I had about 20 posts from different people. I was overthrown by all the warm welcomes from everyone here. One of the things I have loved about this site & keeps me coming back is the love & care for one another I have felt from a lot of people here ~ not just towards me, but towards each other.

    I love the fact that I can come on here anytime of day or nite & post a question on something, & within minutes have a few responses. Usually everyone is so responsive & helpful to each other. That's one of the big things that has kept me coming back to this site. I hope we can all get this back again.

    And now that Barney song is going thru my head....
  7. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    Well I was off on the song...told ya not a Barney fan.....lol

    Tonyspoker...I agree with you 110%......

    you guys are my first message board/forum ever....I really like it here and ya know what??? I ain't leavin Unless Andrew throws me out.....( hmmmm he just might now if he knows that is the only way I will leave) uggg hehehehehehe

    You guys are great...just gotta get past the monthy PMSing...heheheheh

    next month I will just copy and past this thread onto a new thread hahahaha

    Dang I wanna say something so baddddddddddddddddd but I can't cuz it is not G-Rated....hahahaha BAhahahahahaha


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