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Hey Everyone!


Registered Member
Hey all, Pianobone here.

I just recently moved to Oregon so I could be with my fiancee. I started working for a local bank here and have internet access at work, so I should be able to check in occasionally and see what's going on.

Things have changed a lot aroudn the site since I was here last, but it looks like there are still some familiar faces. Shout out to the Rareshooters out there.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Why hello there. :D Hope everything is going well in Oregon since we spoke last. :)

It's good to see that you are putting company internet to good use! Hope everything is going well.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
RS back at ya.

I was actually wondering when you'd show upa gain, actually. It's nice to see the fimiliar faces coming back.
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