Hey Everyone!


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Hey everybody, I'm new to GeneralForum (obviously)

I found this site by searching general forum on Google. [SARCASM]I know, what are the odds, right?[/SARCASM] :rolleyes:

I came here because I've been getting pretty bored out of my mind lately and this looks like a place that can cure a bit of boredom with all of it's activity.

I enjoy going to the movies and playing sports, mostly baseball and racquetball.

Phew.. glad to get the newbie message out of the way. :)


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welcome! hope ya enjoy ur stay......this forum is really fun, everytime ive logged on theres always somethin to talk about (even if its somethin you dont wanna talk about)

then they have the poker tables (not for real money) and i just did that for the first time today, thats really fun

anyways, Welcome!