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Hey everyone


New Member
Was recommended to check this place out by Dickey's Flow and looks good so far.

So, a little about me. Big sports fans, loves the Blue Jays, Cowboys and Capitals. Don't really care about basketball, except for the guys on my fantasy team.

Huge fantasy sports fans. Currently have four baseball teams going, will finish my fourth football draft later tonight and have at least three NHL teams set up for later this month. If you want to talk fantasy or if you're ever looking for a league to join hit me up.

Used to write about sports and gambling for a living but right now I'm in the public relations business. I still do some writing on the side though. I have a sports blog I like to rant and rave about baseball, hockey, football and fantasy sport. The link's in my profile if you want to take a look and leave a comment. I also write the Jays Listed section for the Back in Blue Network, although I've slacked off a lot lately and need to get back into it. Search @bibnetwork on Twitter to find them. You can also follow me on Twitter at @pokerdave04. As you can probably tell by my Twitter handle I like a game of cards too and was lucky enough to play in aWorld Series of Poker seven years ago. Maybe I'll get back there again someday.

Ready to talk baseball, football, hockey and fantasy. And maybe other stuff too. We'll see.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Hey man, welcome.

I'm a huge Blue Jays and Cowboys fan myself, so right off the bat we get along. Although, I do cheer for the Canadiens, but by no means do I hate the Capitals.

You seem like a real hardcore fan, so you definitely came to the right place to debate sports. See ya around the forums.


The return shall be legenday!
Hey man! I know you have a busy schedule so I'm very happy you decided to join us here. Speaking of Fantasy Sports, we're looking for more participants in our Sports-Discussion Hockey Fantasy pool. So if you're interested take a look in the Fantasy Sports section. Looking forward to some great debates with you on various topics. Cheers


rainbow 11!
Hey dude, welcome! I'm not a huge fan of sports. so I hope to see you posting in general discussion and entertainment!
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