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Hey, Everyone!


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I hear ya...

I've been unemployed since November so I know how it is...its not easy out there right now! But good luck with that and hopefully you'll get something soon.


Registered Member
Smelnick, I plan to visit Canada one day. The most amazing thing about your country is that it has Thanksgiving before Halloween!

If I'm right, I'm guessing Victoria Day has something to do with Queen Victoria, who had something to do with the founding of Canada.


Creeping On You
If that's the most amazing thing you think of us so far, just wait till you see the scenery and meet the people lol.

Also yah, I think that's what its for. All I know is that I got a paid day off haha.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome, Penny.

I've seen some of your post around the forums, and I'd thought I would welcome you. It seems like you'll be a great new addition to GF which is nice to know.

If you have any more questions, don't be shy to ask. We're here to help if needs.



Well-Known Member
Hi there Penny. :)

Welcome to the greatest forum on the face of the earth.

See you around!


Registered Member
Thank you, Babe_Ruth and dDave!

By the way Babe_Ruth, you must be from England, I think.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
No, I'm also from Canada.

What made you think I'm from England?


Sally Twit
LOL! I like you already. :)

I was going to tell you to look at the flag on his name, but I noticed he doesn't have one. Shame on you, BR!


No Custom Title Exists
Hey man, welcome to General Forum! Noticed you have made a few posts here already, hope you can keep it up!
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