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Hey, Everyone!


Registered Member
Hey, everyone!:D

It's great to be joining you all on this forum! I have lots of stuff to talk about and I hope you get a chance to share your thoughts as well.

As of late, I haven't had any luck finding a job, and after graduating with a marketing degree over two years ago! However, I am taking my time in drawing things and trying to get my first web-comic online.

So, I'm glad to see you all and hope to chat with you very soon.;)


New Member
Hello and welcome to GF!

That sucks not being able to find a job, I hope your web comic works out. Any chance we can have a sneak peak of some of the work? :p


aka ginger warlock
Welcome penny! Welcome to GF, you seem friendly and outgoing and could fit in well here, tell us about yourself, what brought you to GF to begin with? Where are you in the world etc?

Welcome to GF once again and I hope to see you around the forums.


Sally Twit
Hi there! Welcome to our little home on the Internet.

I look forward to seeing what you have to say, and hope you enjoy your stay. Yay rhymes!


yellow 4!
Hey, welcome to GF. How did you find us?

I can definitely relate to the job thing, and I also love to draw :nod: As Xeilo said, you should show us some of your stuff in the future!


Registered Member
My web-comic project is not quite done yet, but I can tell all about my interests, starting with my love for model airplanes.


Creeping On You
Hey there Penny! Welcome here! What's your favourite colour and why? I hope you enjoy your stay here!


Registered Member
I found this website today while searching on Google for a forum where I could share my thoughts and the situations I'm in. In addition to sharing my thoughts, I'm also here to answer any questions you people might have.:nod:

For drawing, as of right now, I'm sketching life drawings, mainly of buildings, cars, airplanes, etc.:lick:

Where I am in the world, you ask? I am still searching for a job and I've put in applications for mainly grocery stores such as HEB. I'm also thinking of story ideas for my website, which I cannot yet share until I get my first story online.:shake:

In terms of colors, my favorite will have to be somewhere in the bluish-green area because it makes me think of the morning sky, nature, as well as my favorite 1950's car: the 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.:lick:

In addition to visiting your threads, I'll be starting a few threads of my own. See you soon!;)


Registered Member
Hey, welcome to the site!

You should definitely consider posting some of your artwork in our Creative Commons section.


Registered Member
Not just yet, Wade. I need to do some adjustments to my artwork, story, and website first. I don't know how long it will take, but I'll try to get it online ASAP.
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