Hey everyone, I'm new here.


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Hello Generalforum :)

I'm obviously new here (Probably why I'm posting in the Introduction section) and I hope you guys can give me a warm welcome :nod:


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Cool, welcome. What kinds of things are you into?
Sports, video games, girls, friends.

The usual stuff. When it comes to video games it's stuff like Madden, NCAA, Call of Duty, Halo.

I can also occasionally switch over to Mario Kart, and Guitar Hero.

I play junior varsity basketball and baseball as a freshman, also playing for the city.


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Welcome to GF! I hope you find you like it here and decide to stick around. There is something around here for everyone. Just kick back, relax, and get posting!!


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Welcome Adrenaline, it's always fun to get new sports fans join General Forum, hopefully I'll see you posting in the sports section often. So stick around and I promise you'll have a great time.