Hey everybody!


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IF any of you remember me, i was on GF about a year ago and stopped posting. I honestly cant tell you why I stopped, but i have decided to reappear out of thin air (kinda like 2pac, hmm? rofl)

Anyways, im back. I guess we could call this my 2nd greeting or somethin, idk.


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Something tells me that 2Pac reappearing would garner more of a response. And "more of a response" couldn't be more of an understatement.

That's a very bold comparison to make. :lol:

Nonetheless, welcome back. :)


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Hey man, I remember you. I always used to laugh at your name. :lol:

Welcome back dude. Planning on sticking around this time? :D


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It's great to see you back my friend. I remember you being pretty active in the music section. Hopefully you stick around for the long haul this time around. Enjoy yourself once again and I'll see you around.