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Hey Americans, if Romney wins


Feel free to move to Australia for four years. Seriously you can crash at mine till you find somewhere to stay.


Registered Member
Haha, if I were to consider that, I'd want to move no matter which of those two won...


Son of Liberty
Thanks, but I'm staying here either way, no matter who wins. I'm not one of those unpatriotic people who threaten to leave just because people vote for people I don't support. This is the US. We have a Constitution that limits power anyway, and if my candidate loses, I'll just keep working to vote that person out in the next election. Those that threaten to leave remind of those spoiled children who take their ball and go home when things don't go their way on the playground. Thankfully, I'm not one of those people.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Guess I'll stay here if he wins so I can vote him out next time. Thanks for the invite.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Thinking that an assclown such as Mitt Romney could actually be President does scare me.

But I'll stay. I guess.


Registered Member
I thought presidents could only have two terms?