Hey all

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony, 32 and from South Wales, UK. I was only heard about this forum today as I was given a link by someone in another forum. This seems like a fun general forum and covers quite a variety of subjects.

My hobbies are Astronomy, computer and video games, including modern and retro, internet, computer maintenance and repairs, films and music. Looking forward to hanging around these forums. Later all.



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Welcome to GF, Anthony. There are a few members form the UK here as well, me NOT being one of them. :p

You should check out the Video Game section of the forum, it seems like you'll like it. There's a Movies and Music section also.


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Hey welcome to the forum. I hope you return and make more posts so you can see what this place is like.

As Twitch said we have members here from the UK including memebers from Wales. :)