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Hi there... I was born in WV and was raised on a dairy farm. My family moved to NJ between my junior and senior year of high school. A few months after graduating high school I bought a brand new Austin Healy 3000 sports convertible and was drafted a couple months later... I ended up spending 20 years in the army specializing in Military Police, Physical Security, Airborne operations... my significant accomplishments were NCO in Charge of XVIII Airborne Corps Physical Security responsible for security of Ft. Bragg and state of NC Army Reserve assets dealing mainly with arms, ammo and explosives security... First Sergeant 4th MP Co., 4th ID and final assignment as MP Opns NCO for the 2nd ID on the Korean DMZ responsible for all military police operations in the 600 sq. km. US sector of the DMZ... No war hero but have seen some places in the entrance to hell. After retiring I took a government contract position teaching computer applications to soldiers in the feilding of a new computer system around the world... traveled a LOT! Met a beautiful lady on one of those trips that captured my heart causeing me to move here... I don't spell great because I always knew the right choice but always chose the wrong choice but have somewhat of a grasp on the world around me... but I'm sure there are many that will disagree or it wouldn't be a debate site now would it?


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Wow great introduction my friend. Welcome to Fusion Central, so far it seems like your going to be an active member because you already nine messages which is great. I am sure your going to like these forums, we have a lot of cool members here and a lot of great topics. Very happy you've decided to join, and enjoy yourself and see ya around.