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He's Needs To Be Caught


Registered Member
I can't believe no one in Florida had seen this guy..
How can he sleep knowing what he had done to innocent children who IMO seem to be
paying with their lives and health lately..

I'm just plain sick and if I were the family of one of the victims I would get all the families together and round up a reward for his capture and make him pay for his crime..

Driver in Deadly Day Care Crash Still At Large - NBC News


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
He deserves to be put in prison for the rest of his natural life. That's all there really is to say about this man.

He'll screw up again and get caught.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Yes I agree this man needs to be caught and I bet they do. He can't hide forever. Hopefully this time they will set his bail so high he can't come up with it since he has made a career of being a criminal.

Feel sorry for the parents of the little girl that was killed and the parents of all the injured children and anyone else that was injured.