He's back *RR Spoilers*


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You didn't waste any time on this one. But anyways good for him, however I wonder what's going to happen to Shawn after that little incident tonight.
Aye, SCM the Ref. He must have been pretty pissed about getting eliminated. Triple H vs HBK instead of HBK vs Taker? Who knows...

For now, let us rejoice that Edge is back. And, with a earthly beard.


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I'm real happy that Edge is back, he put on a heck of a show in the Rumble and the crowd went bananas when he came out. I'm not surprised that he's the one who eliminated Jericho, but I'm surprised that he won the whole thing.


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I think it was obvious he was going to win, considering the rumours flying around, and his surprise entry into the rumble.

The real surprise is if he didn't win lol.
Why was he #29 instead of #30. Why was Batista last? The only logic behind that entry is because the past couple of years #30 has done on to win it, and WWE wanted to do something different this time around with Edge coming back.