Heros Revisted

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  1. FUsions x 2
    rampart blaster
    Thunder giant
    Steam healer

    Trbute x2
    Elemental hero baldedge
    Elemental hero necroshade

    Non tribute x2
    elemental hero avian x3
    elemental hero sparkmanx3
    elemental hero clayman x3
    elemental hero burstrinax x3
    elemental hero wildheart x3
    elemental hero bubblemanx3

    Spell x15
    polymherzitation x3
    spark blaster
    Bubble blaster
    emergency provisons
    Bubble shufffle
    monster reborn
    reinforcement of the army
    mircale fusion
    Burst return

    traps x15
    hero signal x3
    hero barrier x 2
    Sucess probilty 0%
    compulsry evacution device
    a hero emerges
    draning shield
    Rageki break
    Negate attack
    call of the hantued
    magic jammer
    hero sprit
    clay charge
    This is the new addtion to my hero deck r/f and i will do same for u!

  2. I think the best way to go with Elemental Heros is make a deck about 2 Fusion Monster materials. For example having Elemental Hero Sparkman and Elemental Hero Clayman together and just use there fusions or have others one in there that you could use King of the Swamp to do the fusions. Think about that.
  3. -Cracks her fingers.- This deck needs a good contruction now this is what i suggest to make you deck faster
    No bladedge personally he is not worth it
    Avian take out and put in 3 king of the swamp since you have to fusion summon not use the exact materials also you can discard king for a poly.
    Take out sparkblaster and bubble blaster and put in 2 mircle fusions and I'm not sure if this advanced if it is no monster reborn put in premature burial and no steam healer. no burst returns that will hlep the flow alot more to sum it up

    -3 Avian
    - Spark Blaster
    - Bubble Blaster
    - Monster reborn
    - Steam healer
    - Burst return

    +3 King of the swamp
    +2 mircle Fusion
    + Premature Burial

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