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Here's 1 good reason against gay marriage that isn't religion or personal belief


rainbow 11!
Old but funny.

In fact, here is a convo between me and Pam

Hime: I want to have gay potato orange sex with you.
Anita: i think i'll pass, but thank you
Hime: fuck you
Anita: gawd, i already said no!
Anita: no means no
Hime: No means yes
Anita: stop raping me
Anita: ok go ahead


AKA Ass-Bandit
And here I was going to post that old thread.


Epic Gamer
I remember that conversation. Did Pam sig it for a while or something?


rainbow 11!
I had it in my sig for a while.


Son of Liberty
My favorite part....

"and then the orange turns into a pac-man and....."


Epic Gamer
My favourite part is the way he starts getting into it.

"Yeah....yeah, take it....mmm..yeah..."

It's lolworthy.