Here is my auction


what? no pink?


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Click the big $200 banner at the top of this site. :) It will take you straight there.

And oops, I forgot you were going to do that. I probably shouldn't have bid just yet. Now you can't edit your item anymore. You will have to "Add to description" instead. Oops, sorry. :(


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Very cute auction, I hope it goes high for you! I added it to my watch list!Good luck!


what? no pink?
thanks teena! I have 3 watchers so far.

not nearly enough but the day is young LOL

oh I forgot to say that I have your auction in my watch list too Teena just FYI :)

ok so I have only 8 watchers on my auction I need more watchers! hehehe

ok why don't I have more watchers? I need more watchers for my auction! hehehe
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what? no pink?
I know I am sad and worked so hard on this auction LOL I have posted an update to it so everyone should go in and take a look!! and as always
put it in your watch list ; ) The poor guy needs a new family hehe


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It's a cute auction. You did put a lot of effort into it. I really like the photos, it's a nice touch. I've added it to my watch list. I wish you well with it!