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Here I am


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Hello Ladies and Gents,
Thanks for having me and I hope to enjoy my stay, that is if you have room for one more ;)


Living on the 0th floor
Of course we have room for one more!!! Welcome!

Kick back and have some fun, and while you are at it... Tell us a bit about yourself, what are your interests/hobbies?


I'm serious
You just made the cut. We are counting down the last "new" recruits. So a congratulations is in order then. Welcome to GF.

Where in the States are you from?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There you are...I've actually been waiting over a year for you. Glad you finally decided to join us. Took you long enough. Now you better stay for a real long time...you hear?

PS: I have no clue who this person is...that is all!


"Expect the unexpected"
Of course there's room for one more! Welcome to GF Encoder! Make yourself at home!


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Welcome to GF!
Glad to have you as part of our community!


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Thank you all for the warm welcome :). @ooh snap - Looks like I am in luck, I do enjoy relaxing when I'm not working. Well my hobby is generally anything that has moving parts, I like to figure stuff out. I love computers, just technology in general. Without it, we wouldn't be having this chat :). Automotive technology and just mechanics are a real big thing to me and is rather fun and always interesting. I have a car I just can't stop buying upgraded equipment for and it is never fast enough.

@curious girl - Thank you as well. I am from northern california, maybe you have heard of Modesto. Its not as bad as they say, you just have to live on the northside to generally stay clear of trouble.

@babe ruth - I'm your new drinking partner man, remember that one time you wished you had someone you could actually have a conversation with while drinking without wanting to punch them? Yeah thats me :).

@RJ cool & Hissa As always, thank you for the welcome mat. Look for me around the forums or even point me to a few you guys are conversing in and if I can I just might jump into the fray ;)

-Going to rock you like a hurricane.


yellow 4!
Indeed, here you are. Welcome!

Looking forward to reading your posts, seems like you'll be a nice addition to our little GF family. Is it creepy calling a bunch of people on a forum family? Yes, it probably is. But Hissa already stole the word community so hey, whatever! Sorry, I'll stop rambling now. Let us know if you have any questions and I shall see you about!


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Hey there rebecca :) No I don't think its creepy at all! So I have a few questions or rather just one. Will it allow me to send PM's and also view chat and other peoples profiles after 50 posts or am I waiting to be verified?


yellow 4!
Yeah, different features will become avaliable to you once you hit certain post counts, but since it's mostly an anti-spam measure it doesn't take a lot of posts for things like PMing, profile viewing, subtalk access etc. I think stuff opens up at either 10, 15, and/or 25 posts, maybe 50 too... and then that's it until you reach 500 posts at which point you become a Premium member and yay even more features. Then the only next step up is VIP but you have to subscribe for that, which you can do at any time if you wanted to.
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