Henry Tests Positive for Marijuana


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:no: Denver RB Travis Henry has tested positive for marijuana. Since this isn't his first offesne, he will receive a 1 year suspension. :censored: No reliable websites yet, but it was on the radio and on a few websites. Once it is on NFL.com or the team website I'll provide a link.

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ahhhhh haaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa.........It's a Travi-shamockery. I think Zan is the only one who will get that. Lol dumb bastard maybe now he can take care of his 42 kids.



My whole FF football team was relying HEAVILY on T-HEN...that son of a bitch!


It's not actually as bad as you think.
Selvin Young is a deece back.
I played against him in HS, and with for the first year of Uni....
Stoney will do well in the Denver system.

Have you forgot about the Bell's? I could rush for 1k a year in their system.


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This is horrible for the Broncos, he's the leading rusher in the NFL, and he might be gone for the rest of the year, which will really hurt them, they might have a few back ups that can play well, but no one is like Travis Henry. But this isn't finalized yet, he's going to try and fight this.


This stinks for the Broncos, but it's good for the rest of the AFC West. I'm a Selvin Young fan, and I believe that in Shanahan's offense he can do good, but he's no Travis henry. Hopefully this increases the Chiefs' shots at an AFC West title, which are all of a sudden very realistic.