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I wanted to dedicate a thread to the legend himself Jimi Hendrix. We can talk about anything involving Hendrix in this thread, your favorite song, where do you rank him in the greatest guitarist of all time. The way he played his guitar and sang. Anything you want.

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That's so weird, I'm wearing a hendrix t-shirt today!!
He's definately one of my favourite guitarists/artists of all time. I can't choose a favourite song.

And thanks, this thread reminds me his biography is lying around the house somewhere, I've been meaning to read it for ages now.


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First off, it's Jimi Hendrix, not Jimmy. ;)

That aside, great thread! I'd rank him as the very best guitar god of all time. Just the fact that he was one of the first truly great guitarists to play left handed should set him WAY ahead of the guitar god curve. Not to mention that when he went on stage, he literally blew the crowd away and he turned into a different person. He could tell as story just with his soloing and his lyrics were great as well.

My favorite song of his is Are You Experienced. It's a truly wonderful song.
My favorite Jimi Hendrix song changes from time to time but one that I've only discovered recently is a live version of "Power of Soul" which has become my current favorite. Unfortunately, I can't post a URL to it on YouTube since I don't have enough posts yet... :(