Henderson's Yankees' Career


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Rickey played for the Yankees from 1985-1989. He was a fine player, but the Yankees have had many outfielders who had better YANKEES careers.

Was Rickey better than Winfield -- career? As a Yankee?

No doubt Rickey probably the greatest lead off hitter ever. He could get on base and really upset the other team and we know how he could steal bases.

This certainly wont take any of the shine off of Rickey but........................A bit disappointed in him near the end with the Yanks. He wanted to be traded and made no secret of that. What he then did turned me off. His last couple of months with the Yanks he laid down. I saw it being a Yankee fan. He made up his mind he wasn't going to play for the Yanks, he wanted out. Thrown out on a close play at third base, he loafed the last 30 or so feet and went into third standing up no slide, was tagged out. Loafed on some balls hit to the outfield. One ball got by him and he ran not even half speed to retrieve the ball.

A great player but no pro should lay down because he wants to be traded. Your getting paid to do your best and even more important, owe it to your teammates