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Hen-Pecking the Big Guy!!


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Ok... I know everybody in here knows Doubles and many of you know him better than others. I think we all just love the guy.
It may be none of my business but, since I have lots of give-a- sh**s saved up, I have a few I can spare for him. He will be having the surgery that he told us about to fix his ticker. This is happening Monday. What he needs from us is a little old fashioned "hen-pecking" to keep him healthy and happy. (Believe me, he's a fiend for attention so I think he'll enjoy it ;) )
As you've ALL witnessed, the guy never sleeps. He thinks his body can run on 2 hrs or less a nite! He goes through massive amounts of coffee and wonders why he isn't ever tired. Smoking?? Oh yes, up to 5 packs a day sometime!!! Can you say C*A*N*C*E*R? If he doesn't slow down, he will go that route too! So far, that's not the problem. (Boy! He's gonna be mad at me when he wakes up!) :eek:hno:

So Girlies, and buddies of Doubles, let us sound off here with well-wishes and a little "healthy-hen-pecking" advice for our friend. And I may even advise we slow up on the late nite chatter so he'll get bored and go to bed for more than 2 hrs a nite.(guilty)

Note to Doubles: Don't hate me now. Just trying to look out for my friend :cool:


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Ha! Beat me too it!!! Was going to do this on Monday so when he came back he would be surprised ;0) I will be thinking about you my dear friend!!! Won't be the same till you are back home with us!!!


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I'm with ya! Love the guy too....just can't help myself :D Hmmm didn't know about all the caffine and smoking (guilty too but FIVE packs)???!!!!!!??? I've already done my well wishes but will be more aware in the future. As a fellow night owl (who's about run on empty lately myself.....don't know how he does it EVERY night!!! I know when enough is enough and I sleep! A lot)! I'll do what I can to hen peck him (can we say bitch on here)??? when I see him on late at night. Hmmm maybe if I just talk to him I can get him bored enough that he'll fall alseep? :) Better yet I'll make him put on the headphones and I'll sing him a lullaby. If that doesn't drive him off the computer and running under the covers nothing will!

In all seriousness......darnnit Doubles! Take better care of yourself! Don't you know sleep is healing???!!! Yeah I know the stuff you've been having about going to sleep but that all should be taken care of (Hopefully) on Monday. I can't nag you to quit smoking since I'm guity as charged but geeeezzzzeeeeee can ya cut it down a bit? Sleeping more means less butts so if you can get that problem solved maybe one will help take care of the other.....at least a little bit. Hopefully Monday will start the rest of your life. Please do make a huge effort to make it a much heathier one! PLEASE!!!!!????

OK ares....if he's mad at you then he's mad at me too. Common ladies and gents.......shouldn't have to ask you twice.....it's for Doubles!


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The board won't be the same without doubles teasing and watching our auctions and his comments....... we all look for them....... Get well buddy...... and slow down some enjoy life........ don't rush it.......get well and best wishes... from nani and family


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Well since I can't bottle up a few days worth of nagging and mail it to you, I'll just get it out now. We will all be thinking of you on Monday Doubles, but try not to stay away too long, you have no idea what a back-up of hen pecking can do to a person! :D
I'll start with the sleep or lack thereof, the human body cannot run on AS and caffeine alone, you're just going to have to reintroduce yourself to that lonely piece of furniture known as a bed, all the new links will still be here waiting for ya!
As far as the smoking, I'm not one to lecture too much on this because I smoked for 10 years, but was lucky enough to have an easy time quitting. If you have no desire to quit, then at least SLOW DOWN!!!!!
All of us naggers here care for you very much, so please, take a moment and take care of YOU!! :cool:


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1_ares_1 said:
:eek:hno: Uh oh... he's awake again...I think he's mad at me... :( Cr**!
Too bad we can't all have a friend like you to be mad at....maybe you should try auctioning that... ;)


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DOUBLES DOUBLES DOUBLES **shakes head** hun, you are my only link on here to the south!! Drop the cigs, they are nasty! (sorry for all you who smoke) But they are, they stink and they not only could give you cancer but others around you too. I know it is easier said than done, but many many people have done it and I have faith in you that you can too. I will be thinking of you on Monday and doctors today are really good at th is kind of surgery and I"m positive you'll come out of it a ok!

I would like to have your mailing address if you dont mind giving it out! :)


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Doubles, everytime you light up that cigarette, I want you to think about my nephew Rick, and how he looked with his oxygen tube up his nose!!
They kill and we want you around a lot longer.
You know we love ya here, so smarten up and take care of yourself.
Don't make me come after you!!! :tough: