I bank with BB&T. About a month ago, I went to the local BB&T in another city than my own and I tried to cash a check for $20. I was told that since my parents weren't with me, and I have a minor account, that the check could not be cashed. Which is odd, because I've never had a problem with cashing checks in the past with a minor account. The woman said the only thing she could do was to deposit the money into my account, so I agreed to that, but I did not tell her to deposit it into my checking account. It was instead deposited into my savings account, which I found out about a month later when I talked to a teller at BB&T, who said that she couldn't transfer it from my savings to my checking because I was a minor.

I found that even stranger, because I didn't even know I had a savings account. So I went to a nearby BB&T ATM and tried to withdraw $20 from my savings account, but it gave me 'Access Denied'. It wouldn't even let me inquire how much was in my savings. I tried it at a CashPoints ATM too, and got the same result.

I do remember my parents saying that they had set me up a savings account long before we went into BB&T to set up my student checking account, and I know they bank with BB&T. Could that savings account be tied to my checking account? And if BB&T says it was put into my savings account, then why can't I get it out? It's like I don't even have a savings account. Please help.