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  1. mryan27

    mryan27 New Member

    Hi everyone, pretty new to this, so I'll just come right out and ask.

    I'm looking to purchase a PC and then use it as a server for a LAN. I think I'm OK with actually setting up the PC as a server, but does anyone have any idea how to set up a password login system to restrict access?

    Also, I could do with some pointers with regard to how to actually load data onto the server - spreadsheets, word documents etc.

    I know it's a bit vague andI should call in the professionals, but I'm determined to do this myself. Any help anyone could give me would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks. :rolleyes:

  2. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    It sounds like you aren't entirely sure what you are looking for.

    1. Why do you need a server?
    2. What is all of this for?

  3. mryan27

    mryan27 New Member

    Hi Andrew.

    Thanks for replying.

    Basically, I work for a old-fashioned construction company and everything is on paper - and I mean everything.

    I want to set up a server so that my company has a central point for data storage that can be accessed remotely by any of the management (with password protection). I'm basically trying to move everyone away from using paper and getting them to try using their computers.

    All of the information that is to go on the server is already prepped and ready to go. Just actually need to set the server up and the load the information onto it.

    Many thanks.
  4. Penguin

    Penguin Registered Member

    So you're looking at using a Windows machine as a server? I think (I could be wrong) that Linux has a lot of the security stuff built in. Windows, I'm really not sure.
  5. Thermal

    Thermal Registered Member

    Depending on how involved you want to go, you could just:

    1. Setup your Windows Server (If you have less than 10 clients than this can be Windows XP).
    2. Create your user accounts, or just create one and give it to everyone (depends on how secure/granular you want to get).
    3. Create a folder or use an existing.
    4. Right-Click that folder and click share (take note of the share name).
    5. Go to a client and open up my computer. Click Tools->Map Shared Drive. Find the server and click a folder. Or you can just type \\servername\sharename in the run prompt.
  6. wiseguy4u

    wiseguy4u New Member

    How many users gonna use it?
    do you need good security?

    i think the good way is to install Windows 2003 server on any computer like P4 with 1 Gig Ram and 250 GB hard drive or may be more. And the best way is to have Server machine i.e 2 processor, 2 power supply 2 or more hard drives with some Raid on it.

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