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Help with network problem


New Member
Before changed isps, i had a network installed in my home through a router.Now, my new ISP says I can't keep the network in my home because the router is in conflict with the server or something like that and it is flooding the line. Is it true or is he just trying to sell me another IP? I need to know also if he can see if I am connected to the internet through the router.Thanks.


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Staff member
He is trying to screw you. Most ISP's will tell you that if you want two computers on the internet that you need to buy two cable or DSL modems.

Most will not support router installations through tech support, but, the hardware will still work if you can figure it out on your own or have a third party set it up for you.

And no they won't be able to tell if you are using a router.

Who is your new ISP? Somebody national that I may have heard of or just a small local company?

If they tell you you they will literally not allow you to use a router in your home then as far as I'm concerned they are a major joke anyway. Make sure you don't sign anything that says you can be fined for using a router or penalized in any way. They might just be trying to scare you.

They can't tell you what you can do with the internet once it comes into your house. They have a cap on your speed anyway so the fact that you are using multiple computers on it will only effect your own speed (if they are all online at once), not there's. As long as you are fine with SLIGHTLY slower speed than having separate modems you will be fine.

Keep us updated with what you find out and it would also be interesting to know if this is a big ISP like Comcast or Qwest, etc that is telling you this.


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Andrew is right. When I decided that I wanted to get cable internet, I mentioned to the person I was thinking of ordering cable internet from that I would be hooking up more than one computer. They said that they did not support having more than one computer per IP connection unless they set it up for me, and that cost $300.00.

I nearly laughed in the person's ear. After I got the cable internet and the router. I brought it home plugged it in, and it started working immediately without doing anything.

They are trying to use a scare tactic so that you will purchase more from them, but doing so is not needed and if it is...Find another ISP.
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